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The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is a growing network of sustainable communities and initiatives that bridge different cultures, countries, and continents. GEN serves as umbrella organization for ecovillages, transition town initiatives, intentional communities, and ecologically-minded individuals worldwide.

People and communities meet and share their ideas, exchange technologies, develop cultural and educational exchanges, directories and newsletters, and are dedicated to restoring the land and living a cooperative sustainable lifestyle.

New database entries

Type Title Categories Subjects Region Project Posted
Project Eco-Village Moldova
Demonstration and education of an environmental, social and economical sustainable way of living
Ecovillage, Under construction Moldova EcoVillage Moldova
Project Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire
Ecovillage in Northern New Hampshire
Educational Project, Established Vision and Purpose, Education & Pedagogy, Building Community & Embracing Diversity, Communication Skills, Decision Making, Reconnecting with nature, Personal Growth, Business United States lylia
Project Ubuntu Village
Ubuntu Village in Uganda
Network, Under construction Whole System Design, Building Community & Embracing Diversity, Reconnecting with nature, Art, Ritual and Celebration, Health & Healing, Personal Growth, Shifting the Global Economy to Sustainability, Local Economies Uganda Dandelioness