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Nature’s secret to evolutionary success

By: Jaime Brown-Hansen and Yael Marantz

News for Newsletter 07.03.2017
Editorial, Newsletter January 2017
GEN Newsletter January 2017, Editorial

Dear friends of ecovillages,

The past year has seen global developments that could not have been foreseen even just one year ago. Who would have thought...

News for Newsletter 25.01.2017
GEN International
the Global aspect of GEN - from caterpillar to butterfly!

Since its 20th birthday party, celebrated at the GEN+20 Summit in Findhorn in July 2015, GEN has gone through a deep process of transformation and seems to have arrived on a...

News for Newsletter 25.01.2017
GEN in World Goodwill Newsletter
GEN featured as 'Agent of Change' in World Goodwill Newsletter

"All who love and serve their fellow humans are agents of a spiritual future – one where the human spirit is evolving towards ever greater cooperation, sharing and unity. In...

News for Newsletter 22.12.2016
Resilience and Self-Reliance
An Update on Regenerative Solutions for Active EmerGENcies Projects

As the call for global climate action strengthens following the COP22 in Marrakech, GEN’s work  in climate change adaptation and mitigation through ecovillage development...

News for Newsletter 14.12.2016
Changes in Cameroon
Transitioning the Kingdom of Bafut to an Eco-Fondom*

In the Northwest of Cameroon, a whole kingdom is transitioning into an eco-region. In consultation with King Fon Ambumbi II and combining the vision of Mayor Langsi and GEN...

News for Newsletter 14.12.2016
Bringing new Solutions to the Table
Conversations with the Commonwealth

Albert Bates, founding member of The Farm, Tennessee, was part of the GEN delegation at the Climate Summit in Marrakech, this November. He is also part of a group of...

News for Newsletter 14.12.2016
Ecovillage Movement in China
An update on the Sunshine Ecovillage Network

The partnership and friendship between GEN and the Sunshine Ecovillage Network (SEN), in China has been growing in the past year, since the first Ecovillage Forum organised...

News for Newsletter 14.12.2016
African Response to Climate Change
The Pan-African Ecovillage Development Programme: building resiliency and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

The Pan-African Ecovillage Development Programme: building resiliency and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. By Tim Clarke, former EU Ambassador, advisor of the...

News for Newsletter 14.12.2016
Energising Sub-Saharan Cities
Doing Things Differently

Two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa live without access to safe, sustainable and affordable energy, stifling human and economic development in the region, and leaving communities...

Event Conference 14.11.2016
Accessing Climate Finance
Empowering communities and closing the gap

Truly sustainable development is impossible without the full involvement of local communities.Local communities are starved of financial resources, while climate finance...

Event Conference 14.11.2016
Revitalising African Villages
The Pan African Ecovillage Development Programme

GEN is developing a continent-wide programme to transform villages in Africa into dynamic, viable, resilient communities that can wisely and sustainablymanage the natural...

Event Conference 14.11.2016
Climate Matters Show: Ecovillages
Solution to a Dire Situation

Join representatives from the Global Ecovillage Network in conversation with Stuart Scott through which we will address our unique approach to grassroots-led community...

Event Conference 14.11.2016
Blue Zone Side Event COP22
Page 14.11.2016
Indigenous and Faith Led
Inspired Ecovillage Solutions
Around the world, there is a growing participation and influence of faith and indigenous movements on climate change. GEN together with invited speakers explore this powerful...
Event Conference 14.11.2016
Latin America (CASA): 
Video Documentation and Educational Tools for Community Development

A Solution provided by Común Tierra, Latin America

With the rural exodus and the deterioration of rural communities, many traditional skills and decentralized solutions...

News for Newsletter 06.11.2016
Asia/Oceania (GENOA): 
Earthen Architecture and Green Building Techniques 

A solution provided by Auroville, India

News for Newsletter 06.11.2016
Europe (GEN Europe): 
Holistic Water Management and Water Retention Landscapes

Solution provided by Tamera, Portugal

News for Newsletter 06.11.2016
Africa (GEN Africa):
Integrated Land Use Design and Greening Schools

A solution provided by Mugove Walter Ngyia, Malawi

News for Newsletter 06.11.2016
USA/Europe (GENNA/GEN Europe):
Soil Restoration and Carbon Sequestration using Biochar

The future starts with the dirt beneath our feet. Soil is the earth’s fragile skin that anchors all life. However, half of the topsoil on the planet has been lost in the...

News for Newsletter 04.11.2016
Learning from Sustainable Traditions
The Ecovillage Playing Cards - Mapping for Indigenous Ecovillages

The Global Ecovillage Network celebrates and honours the wisdom, inspiration and guidance that indigenous and traditional communities around the world have to offer for the...

Event Workshop 03.11.2016
Permaculture and Climate Change
Inspiring Ecological, Social, Economic and Cultural Responses for Resilience and Transformation

Organised by ECOLISE (European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability) and GEN (Global Ecovillage Network)

Event Workshop 03.11.2016
Traditional knowledge
Ecology of care with Brahma Kumaris

Ancient cultures have long accepted the power of the mind, and agriculture and food security is one of the most pressing issues of these times.

Our ancestors were aware...

Event Workshop 02.11.2016
A Pan African Ecovillage Programme
for Climate Resiliency & Achieving the SDGs

For the past 20 years the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and its regional affiliate, GEN-Africa, have been developing a transformative model, using an integrated, multi-...

Event Workshop 02.11.2016
Faith and Climate Resilience
Ecovillage Inspired Solutions Around the World

How can spiritual values and beliefs inspire and engage solutions for climate resilience? The rise in the active engagement on climate change of indigenous, religious and...

Event Workshop 02.11.2016
Green Zone Side Event COP22
Page 02.11.2016
Synergies between Degrowth and GEN
Synergies between Degrowth and the Global Ecovillage Network

One of the most controversially discussed key tracks during the 5th International Degrowth Conference 2016 in Budapest...

News for Newsletter 12.09.2016
Youth Ecovillage Design Education
December 4th 2016 to January 8th 2017 in Auroville, India

The focus of the course:

  • Discover the cultural heritage and richness of the Indian subcontinent.
  • Experience one of the world’s largest...
News for Newsletter 17.08.2016
Forum Theater for Women at Auroville

Pitchandikulam Forest organized two workshops for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) funded ‘Soul of WoMen’ gathering. These events focused on the exploration of womanhood, the...

Article 17.08.2016
Cameroon: Ecobuilding in Bafut
Ecobuilding as part of Sustainable Development in Bafut Ecovillage

Transforming a farm into a learning center and ecovillage: together we have created a model for the region with ecological buildings, the beginnings of a food forest, and water...

News for Newsletter 21.07.2016
Cameroon: Come Learn With Us
Opportunities for Education and Engagement

International Summer Training Camp, August 2016 - Bridging cultural boundaries to share, learn, and cultivate peace and tolerance at a global level.

News for Newsletter 21.07.2016
Cameroon: Green Entrepreneurship
Green Entrepreneurship in Bafut Ecovillage

The Bafut Ecovillage celebrates four years of sustainable community development, achieved through adaptive governance among the people and designing a model of cultural and...

News for Newsletter 21.07.2016
Tamera's first LGBTQ Intro Week
Report from Tamera's first LGBTQ Introduction Week

“Queerness is that thing that lets us feel that this world is not enough – the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality or concrete possibility of...

News for Newsletter 20.07.2016
Zimbabwe: Facing Climate Change
Best Practices for Facing Climate Change Head On

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent. Zimbabwe's green schools offer a best practice model in growing eco-sensitive food systems as a means of providing...

News for Newsletter 18.07.2016
Zambia: Get Involved in Upcoming EDE
Upcoming Ecovillage Design Education Course: April 2017

The first ever Ecovillage Design Education course will be held in Zambia. The course will be jointly facilitated by the Regional Schools and Colleges Permaculture (ReSCOPE)...

News for Newsletter 18.07.2016
Zambia: Greening Schools
GEN International and the ReSCOPE Programme Partner

The Greening Schools for Sustainable Community Development Project is working with four schools to produce resilience plans based on ecovillage design best practices.

News for Newsletter 18.07.2016
Zambia: Resilient Development
Ecovillage Best Practices from ReSCOPE

Using schools as an entry point into creating more sustainable communities, we build on the four pillars of inclusiveness, genuine participation, integration, and local...

News for Newsletter 18.07.2016
South Africa: Strategy Meeting
GEN South Africa’s 2016 Strategy Meeting (April-May 2016)

GEN South Africa met this spring for a strategy meeting, promoting sustainability and clear channels of communication across the region with the long-term goal of developing a...

News for Newsletter 18.07.2016
Kenya: Honoring Animals
Kenya’s OTEPIC Peace Ecovillage: Respecting Animals in Ecovillage Culture

We believe that all animals deserve respect and protection. Saint Francis of Assisi taught that animals are our brothers and sisters. With this understanding, we do not...

News for Newsletter 18.07.2016
Ghana: Country’s First EDE
February-March 2016

GEN Ghana held its first ecovillage design education course (EDE) this spring. Sponsored by the Danish Ecovillage Network and Danish Civil Society Fund, the partnership seeks to...

News for Newsletter 18.07.2016